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Moment Marketing: 5 Steps to Get Started

Moment Marketing 5 Steps to Get Started
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Moment marketing – though the name was launched recently, the concept has been there since forever. Amul and its ad campaigns are the proof! Amul has always been known and appreciated for its moment-specific, situation-relevant, and quirky marketing content.

Digital marketing is something that keeps evolving constantly and to stay ahead of the curve – you need to embrace the evolution and move on or risk being left behind. It’s important you consider current events, embrace the moment and adapt them meaningfully in your marketing messaging. And this is exactly what we call moment marketing.

In other words, moment marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on targeting your business to consumers at the moment it matters – when they’re already looking for you. Looking for ways to implement moment marketing? But don’t know where to begin?

Don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. Let’s look at how you can get started with moment marketing step-by-step.

First, Mark Your Territory, Determine Your Target Audience

Firstly, figure out which area you should focus on. To do so, you can take the help of Google Trends. All you have to do is just feed the relevant keywords into Google Trends, and the tool will show you the percentage of people looking for that keyword by country, state, or city.

Based on your findings, filter the categories you are searching for. And zoom in the area and customers you are looking to target as per your marketing strategy.

Work on Your Content, Optimize It

While working on your content marketing strategy, it’s important you stay true to your core brand message while capturing the moment and the current situation. For instance, consider how most companies modified their messaging and marketing campaigns on the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, keep in mind not to take the risk of diluting your brand message or compromising on values you stand for, in order to chase an event or a moment. Here’s a tip – to better reach your customers in the right place and at the right time, ensure to keep your marketing copies location-specific. And most importantly, never compromise on the quality of your creatives. They have the power to either make or break your business. So pay extra attention to the strategies you employ for creating creatives, banner ads and campaigns.

Don’t Forget to Automate Your Ads

Once your content and creatives are ready, next, ditch the headache – simplify your work and just automate your ads, my friend! Why sweat it when you have an easy and most efficient solution right in front of your eyes. Automate your ads and take all the guesswork out of running your ads. Most importantly, Ad automation allows you to run your campaign with a bidding strategy most suited to your goal. To be precise – at google ads, there are 6 goals you can choose from. Depending on your marketing strategy, you just need to select the one goal that you think best aligns with your marketing strategy. And the algorithms will take care of the rest for you. It is as simple as that!

Choose the Right Marketing Automation Tools

It’s important to select the right marketing automation tool – one that best aligns with your business needs. This tool in turn will ensure that the message is delivered to your customers on time by helping you launch marketing campaigns, effortlessly, quickly, and efficiently. For instance, today you can go live with digital ad campaigns and build 1000s of professional-looking banner ads or even videos in just a few minutes with the help of image and video automation tools.

Not just that, even marketers who have no or very less technical knowledge, can create complex cross-channel engagement campaigns using simple marketing automation platforms.

Thus, choose and invest in a marketing automation tool that can help you

  • Create trigger-based lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Send out highly contextual messages based on specific user actions and events…and much more depending on the type of the tool you select
  • Think Different, Think Beyond Search Engine
  • Last but not least, instead of running ads in only one specific format, you can try experimenting with different ad types. And other than just running display ads on websites, you could also resort to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even run video ads on YouTube
To Wrap Up…

Many brands today have benefited immensely by applying moment marketing. If you have not made moment marketing a part of your marketing approach, then it’s time you do. Take into account current events, capture the moment, seize opportunities and modify your marketing strategy accordingly, And then observe the way your business takes off.

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