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5 Trends About Gen Z Experience

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Most members of Gen Z do not recall a time before smartphones and social media, in contrast to the generations that came before them. Gen Z is accustomed to using social media to follow their interests and preferred brands. Brands must interact with Gen Z on their terms to meet their expectations and preferences, which entails developing closer, more individualized relationships. 

A study commissioned by Meta reveals how Gen Zers interact with brands and use the internet. Here are the top five trends that marketers should consider: 

Meta platforms allow Gen Z users to connect with brands as well as friends and family. 

More than two-thirds of Gen Zers surveyed, according to Comscore data, are on Facebook and Instagram. 

  1. By time spent on mobile and desktop, these two apps rank third among the top 10 digital destinations. 
  2. These users spend quality time on social media learning about their interests and interacting with the brands they like.  
  3. It is not just a place for them to connect with friends and family. Generation Zers are pleased to see brands on Meta platforms, according to research that Meta commissioned.  
  4.  60% of those questioned are social media, and brand followers. 

What Is Most Important for the Gen Z Customer Experience & Employee Experience? 

Experiences That Run Smoothly and Quickly Are a Must

We have talked extensively about the value of a seamless experience. Every time your customers or staff interact with your brand, regardless of the channel or touchpoint, there should be a sense of consistency. And to keep Gen Z’s loyalty, seamless experiences are a requirement. Gen Z purchases both online and offline, so they must have access to the same level of comfort, customization, and overall superior experience everywhere. 

Gen Z Is Not Likely to Respond to a Custom CX or EX Survey

Get ready for the mic to drop: Simply put, Gen Z is less likely to participate in a conventional survey. During our research, we discovered that: 

In the USA: 

  •  Just 19% of your Gen Z emerging customers are likely to respond to a conventional survey. 
  •  Only 22% of your Gen Z employees will respond to a conventional survey. 

For Canada: 

  •  Just 28% of your Gen Z emerging customers are likely to respond to a conventional survey. 
  •  Gen Z employees who are currently working for you are only 41% likely to respond to a conventional survey. 

So how should feedback be gathered if you want to evaluate the Gen Z customer experience? To gather the information, you need to compete for Gen Z’s loyalty, we advise using micro surveys, social media, review sites, and live chat. 

Are you considering changing the way you handle customer satisfaction surveys and feedback in general? Our experts have developed a four-step process to help you make the most of your data and only send surveys at the right time. Check it out here without cost!

Social Media Influencers Reach a Large Audience

Your brand will be discovered by Gen Z for the first time on social media, more specifically through social media influencers. We surveyed Gen Z customers to learn if they used influencer discount codes in 2021 and whether they anticipate doing so in the coming year. What they said was as follows: 

In 2021, one of the three newly minted Gen Z consumers used a social influencer code. 

In 2022, one of three newly emerging Gen Z customers intended to use a code. 

These figures show that social media influencers will continue to impact emerging consumers. If you have not thought about using influences to attract new clients, now is the time!

Having a Strong Brand Identity is Crucial

Both the brands that Gen Z supports and the brands they work for must live up to their lofty standards. Our research revealed that Gen Z is seeking three key values in a potential employer. Here they are as described by Generation Z: 

Culture: “I’m likely to pick a [company] where I can express myself […] and [get] creative with support and mentorship,” 

Diversity: “I’m looking for a company that hires diverse [experiences and] talents that can push one another,” the applicant said. 

Connectivity: “I think success means bringing everyone together […] we all [want] to be part of the equation [not just our executives],” 

Brands should be careful to highlight these core values in job descriptions, internal messaging, and beyond to successfully recruit this generation driven by values. 

Gen Z Is Not Especially Tolerant of Rude Behavior

We’ve all heard the news reports about angry customers acting bizarrely badly towards store employees or flight attendants when confronted with mask policies or a shortage of desired items. We were interested in learning what Gen Z thought about these displays and whether they altered their opinion of the participating brand. 

What would you think if you saw a customer acting violently towards an employee in a place of business? is what we queried. Gen Z expressed extreme sympathy for the affected employee and even said, “I would interject […] No one should be treated that way.” 

What Are You Doing to Get Ready for the Incoming Workforce and Customer Base? 

The CX and EX preferences of Gen Z will matter more to your company as this customer and employee group becomes more significant. What then are you doing to highlight and support the expectations of the Gen Z customer experience? What connection do you have with them? How are you getting their feedback to find out how they view your brand? 

Our experts can assist you in developing a plan of action. By contacting us here or through the chatbot in the lower right corner of your screen, you can find out how our XI Platform can help you in your efforts to improve Gen Z customer experiences. 

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