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Do’s and Don’ts to Get Promoted

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You’ve been at your job for a while and believe you’ve mastered all aspects of your responsibilities. You’re now ready for the next step up to a promotion. However, it is not as simple as asking your boss to move up the corporate ladder. So, what are you going to do? 

Workplace promotions can be difficult for many employees to navigate, but there are ways to stand out to your boss and demonstrate that you’re deserving of a higher position. Building a good relationship and performing well in your role are two basic ways to demonstrate that you deserve a promotion. 

On the other hand, if you push too hard for a promotion from your boss, you may end up hurting your chances (not to mention your reputation). 

To assist you, here are three things you can do to improve your chances of promotion, as well as five things you should avoid doing: 

Do’s to Get Promoted

Have Open Discussions with Your boss

Employees are often afraid to tell their boss that they want a promotion as if they are being greedy. However, you cannot expect to be promoted if your boss is unaware that you want to advance. 

It is acceptable (and even encouraged) to inform your manager that you are looking for career advancement opportunities, to seek their career advice, or to directly inquire about how to advance at your company. A good manager will be pleased to hear that you are eager to advance in your career. If you express your desire to advance, your boss will be aware and will keep you in mind for potential promotions or projects that would demonstrate your abilities in a higher-level role.

Recognize and Resolve Issues (Without Being Asked)

The best way to demonstrate your readiness for the next step in your career is to demonstrate your ability to solve problems. Every business, project, or team can benefit from improvements, and you can be a valuable employee if you can identify those issues and find solutions. 

For example, if your team is constantly complaining about the lack of organization in the filing system, offer to reorganize and establish a process to ensure things are stored and labeled correctly in the future. Your willingness to jump in and figure out a new way to work will demonstrate to upper management your leadership abilities and potential for advancement.

Request Feedback Regularly

Asking for feedback from others is something that all successful people do to put themselves on track for their next career move. While getting your manager’s perspective on your performance and potential areas for growth is a good starting point, there are other ways to gather additional feedback. 

A 360-degree review is a current way to solicit feedback from others. These reviews entail soliciting anonymous or direct feedback from your peers and colleagues on your performance. The advantage of this review process is that other people may notice aspects of your work that your boss may not be aware of. You can also request feedback from a mentor, friend, or cross-functional partner. 

Don’ts for Getting Promoted  

Ask for Too Much

When asking for a promotion, many people make the mistake of asking for too much. If you want to advance, don’t expect to get a job two levels higher with a 50% pay raise. This will only irritate your boss and slow your career advancement. 

Instead, work your way up the corporate ladder by asking for small, reasonable things like more responsibility or a promotion to the next level. This will demonstrate to your boss that you want to advance without appearing entitled.

Expect a Promotion Solely Based on Tenure

If you’ve been in your job for a few years and are wondering how to get promoted, you’ll need to have a better reason for your manager to promote you than just time alone. The best case you can make for being promoted is to demonstrate the value you bring to the team, such as: 

  • Goals that you’ve met 
  • Deliverables you’ve completed  
  • Projects you’ve led or contributed to 
  • You’ve solved problems.

Overwork and Exhaust Yourself

You may need to put in extra time and effort at work to impress your boss and get that promotion. No one likes an employee who is unwilling to put in a little extra effort to complete a project. 

However, it is critical to avoid overworking and exhaustion. Take care of yourself by managing your mental and physical capacities. Check in with yourself regularly to see how you’re feeling and how you can reduce unnecessary stress in your life. Promotions are valuable, but they should not come at the expense of your happiness and well-being. 

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