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Mental Health in the Workplace : The Coming Revolution

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There has never been a more crucial time to establish an environment at work that promotes employees’ well-being. Bad experiences can leave your employees feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and worn out. These experiences can range from inefficient business practices to excessively rigid work schedules. All of which may have a detrimental effect on their productivity and mental health.  

Here are 4 concrete actions you can take to prioritize employee well-being at your business. 

Install Facilities On-site

Workplace burnout is less common, and productivity is higher among employees who exercise. One of the simplest ways to promote a healthy lifestyle is to make it easier for employees to ride bicycles to work, walk to work, or exercise during breaks. Your employees will be happier and feel better about themselves knowing that they are preserving the environment on their daily commutes to and from work.

Your staff can use more strenuous modes of transportation to get to work by providing showers and chic restroom facilities, then get ready for the day knowing they’ll still smell and look their best! By encouraging such activity, you will increase employee activity, which will make them happier, more productive, and more likely to be job-satisfied.

Encourage Good Behavior

An efficient way to put employee well-being first at work is to teach them effective stress management techniques. Stocking the break room with fresh produce or healthy snacks will help ensure that workers don’t make the mistake of feeding their stress with unhealthy, sugary products. Proper sleep and nutrition are two examples of things that are essential to managing stress. 

Encouragement of mindfulness and meditation is effective in addressing sleep issues among employees. 

Suggest Quitting Your Job

To improve wellness and productivity, make sure your staff members take advantage of their full lunch breaks, leave on time, and enjoy their vacations. Working for extended periods without breaks causes stress and exhaustion, whereas breaks will help to renew your employees’ mental resources and may even inspire them to be more creative. 

Encourage employees to turn off their email notifications during their vacations as a wonderful way to encourage restful relaxation. The purpose of a holiday is to unwind, not to be stressed out about missing work. This problem can be resolved by leaving an out-of-office message with instructions on what to do if an email is urgent. By doing this, notifications won’t interfere with your employees’ well-earned break, leaving them rested and prepared for Monday.

Reconsider the Workweek

Working hours changing from 9 to 5 to 9 to 7 is something that happens frequently. However, it is important to consider how productive your staff members are when they are awake for extended periods. 

This problem might be resolved by restructuring the typical workday to maximize productivity and efficiency for your staff. To maximize productivity consider scheduling work hours to be 4 hours in the morning and afternoon or investigate telecommuting. This will also enable your staff to schedule time for personal activities or family obligations. 

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